Wood Coffee Tables

Models That Take Over the Market: Hardwood Coffee Table

Wood is a natural and ancient material that has been used in the furnishing industry throughout history. Cosywood respects traditions. At the same time, we prefer to take old tendencies to a completely new level.

Our square and round wood coffee tables are distinguished by outstanding quality and spectacular design. These tables will become an ideal part of any design you can think of as wood furniture is easily adapted into any style. You do not have to waste your time selecting from endless options. Very few of them will meet your expectations and your interior style. To your pleasant surprise, our tables will top your expectations.

There are two main models of solid wood coffee table that can be found at our shop. They are:

  • Max model from £895.00
  • Trinity model from £300.00 (currently on sale!)

However, these two dark wood side tables are completely different. Each of them has its own outstanding features which deserve your appreciation. Thus, we will be more precise on the advantages of these two options available at Cosywood store.

Max Table

This wooden side table is a brand-new design in the industry. The advantages of this model are that it has wonderful leather elements in concert with oak, which is of the highest standard possible. Besides, the price of the table is reasonable and economical. In fact, it is a unique opportunity to get a table made of wood and leather for a very low price.

However, the most impressive feature of the table lies in another aspect. When viewing the model, you will discover that this table can be easily separated into two pieces. You can use it as one big table or move it to any place you want easily. As you can see, you get two tables for the price of one.

Trinity Table

The main advantage of this dark wood coffee table is its variety. Actually, you might think that this table looks too simple. But we believe that this simplicity provides elegance, and helps support the exclusive style of any space you decorate. On top of that, you can always make the design of the table special by choosing from a lot of different wood types which are on the list:

  • Brown Pine
  • Beige Pine
  • Dark Grey Pine
  • Grey Pine
  • White Wash Pine
  • Etc.

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