Three Slabs With Inlays

Wooden Slab Table: Rural Comfort 

If you are looking for something simple, Cosywood wood slab table is for you. Sharp lines and minimalistic decor will bring you a rural feeling with a lack of pomposity. Such a table will suit a city apartment, village house, or atmospheric restaurant if they are in a country style. 

We use living solid wood and even reclaimed wood. Each of them keeps cracks, knots, inclusions, and pigment variations. Thus, they remain truly natural. It makes our tables unique. Such a table will surely contribute to your rustically styled room, especially if you add additional details such as a wooden bench. 

Slab Table: High Durability

We want your slab table to serve you forever. That’s why we use only durable materials. 

Wood is one of the most reliable and long-living materials. It survives scratches and spots. It doesn’t require special care. Moreover, we work with solid wood to avoid any breakdowns. All sawn wood products are hand-made. 

The durability of such wood species as oak, pine, walnut, ash, and wenge helps us to be sure our tables will be usable for a long time. Some natural movements are expected - these add additional charm to our tables. However, in case of any defect, we offer a one-year guarantee. 

Tables consist of three slabs. They are solid and durable, and have a weight of about 50 kg. The three slabs are firmly glued together that gives the table extra strength.

To make legs, we use mild or stainless-steel metal because it does not corrode or rust. However, brass or copper are also available. Legs can be made in different sizes, so they will handle slabs of any size. 

To make high-quality “Three Slabs With Inlays” tables, we use modern technology that helps us to produce outstanding furniture with exciting history.

Wood Slab Table: Vast Range

View a variety of products and choose the one for you. When you click on each option, you can select the colour of the wood and the metal. 

We provide a wide range of wood colours that varies depending on the wood species:

  • Natural
  • Natural Brown
  • Brown
  • White wash
  • Dark Grey
  • Grey

The metal is available in different colours. Pick the one that will match with wood slabs for table tops. 

  • Bronze
  • Matt Black
  • Black Raw Steel
  • Graphite Grey
  • White
  • Brushed Stainless Steel

Another advantage that guarantees these tables will match your home is the range of applications. We can build a wood slab coffee table, wood slab dining table, wood slab office table. Cosywood is ready to create something special for you. Contact us to share your ideas. We will make a table fulfiling your wishes. Decide on the size, colour, and shape, and we will do the rest. 

If you are still uncertain whether such a table suits you, just imagine it in a family dining room, stylish office, cosy restaurant, or charming store. Our wooden slab tables are simple, reliable, both rural and modern. The quality of the furniture is our priority.