Industrial Dining Tables

The Best Industrial Tables For Reasonable Prices

Nowadays, there is a vast choice in different architectural styles, and it seems easy to get confused. There is a way out — an industrial style. Let's have a look at the industrial dining tables on our website.

Cosywood Tables — Never Out Of Fashion

Let us succinctly remind you what industrial is all about. It became fashionable in the 50s, during the last century, and hasn’t lost any ground up to today. The main points of industrial include:

  • concrete structure
  • no drape or decorative elements of any kind
  • a lot of wood details or some other raw material
  • wear out effect
  • monochrome
  • strict geometric lines

Industrial style dining tables can be a great accent in a kitchen or dining room. We would recommend leaving your place spacious if you use this style, but it's still up to you. The great advantage of this design is that you can easily manage the different decor, colours, styles, etc.

Don't think that industrial means something massive. We have glass models, which feel weightless! It’s like you’re soaring in the air, and even metal construction looks very light and unsubstantial. If you like something that is significant and substantial — take a look at an unadorned salvaged pine, which resembles something strong but cosy enough for a family dinner or party.

As we mentioned before, industrial dining tables usually are not round. It means that it's easier to count the placement well. Also, you can order a bench on our site to sustain the style.

Industrial Dining Tables And Chairs — A Great Solution For Big Families And Companies

We hinted that bohemian people prefer the industrial style, some time ago. And this is a direct association to parties and dinners. As you can see from the assortment on Cosywood, all of our models are created for this purpose. Maybe it’s not about round dining tables — the industrial style is not about that, but it doesn't lose its cosiness and comfort.

Our material is strong enough to bear some mud, drinks, or anything else that lands on it. We are pretty sure that if you would like to dance on a table in the middle of a party — like a real bohemian; well, that would be fine. Our table will be a great piece to bring big companies or a family together. It will symbolise union, good mood, and place, where everyone can chat, share news, and have a great dinner together.

Customise Your Industrial Dining Table And Bench

You can customise a metal construction as well; change its colour, for example. It can easily change the whole look of your kitchen. For example, if you have chosen a glass table and change the legs a little, it can change the general feeling of the interior and make the table look even more accessible than it looks in a standard complex.

You can choose silver legs on a massive grey table and increase the futuristic mood. Regarding your preference, you can be sure that your furniture will always be up-to-date, and even if you'd like to change your interior completely one day, you don't need to change the table, because this one will fit your lifestyle for a lifetime. 

If you’ve found the industrial dining table of your dreams but you want to change something — you are welcome to. On the Cosywood website, you can choose a new design for your future furniture. Change the size (yes, you can order a small industrial dining table too), material, colour, and the number of benches quickly. If you need some help — call us or use any of our social networks to get in touch.