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Let us introduce bespoke wooden coffee tables available in the UK. In our store, you can find a table suitable for your interior.

Embrace The Style Of Custom Wood Coffee Tables

High-end design solutions require an uncompromising approach to detail, from the choice of flooring colours to tables. At times, choosing a table can be challenging. If you strive to fulfil your vision flawlessly, wooden coffee tables by Cosywood can be precisely the final touch you're looking for.

Custom furniture is intended for rooms such as:

  • Living room
  • Home office or study
  • Leisure centre
  • A cosy shop with exclusive utensils
  • Stylish handmade or art store
  • Office or meeting room
  • Country residence
  • Restaurant with original cuisine

Wood coffee tables by Cosywood have an impeccable style and durability. They are solid and stable due to the use of high-quality materials as a source and well-thought-out construction.

We also aim at dialogue with our customers. Each table is executed manually from scratch, which opens up endless scope for customisation. Specially customised wooden coffee tables fit perfectly into the interior.

You can choose one of the ready-made options presented on the site, as well as make any changes at the order stage. If you liked the conceptual solution of the table that you see in the picture, but your imagination draws a slightly different image, pay attention to the variable options. The surface finish of the countertop can be changed according to your vision, from white wash pine to dark grey.

Contact us if you have any further ideas regarding colour or size. We are continually working on expanding the assortment. You can order a wood sample to more fully visualise how the table will look along with other elements.

Table Complimenting Suggestions

We all strive to create comfort in our rooms, whether it is a living room or office space. It is somehow precious to have a good time reading or talking while sipping your favourite drink. To create the most suitable atmosphere, we recommend paying attention to combining the style of furniture and accommodating elements.

Depending on the chosen style, various essentials may suit you. For example, cork or ceramic cup stands perfectly complement the Scandinavian style. Lay a handmade rug under the metal legs of one of our solid wood coffee tables to complete the rustic interior. The industrial table will look perfect without additions, but if you want, consider lamps made of rough materials, such as concrete and artificially patinated metal.


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