Industrial Style Storage Units


Bespoke Custom-Made Storage Furniture

Our collection of contemporary and modern storage furniture units bring utility to your living space while extending a cultured finesse to a common requirement. Our catalogue of sideboards, shelving units and clothes rails enhance your living space while providing a versatile addition that compliments your furniture and décor wonderfully.

An Elegant Blend of Materials

CosyWood delivers a collection of bespoke, custom-made storage furniture that combines the grace of various materials and elements to create a product that is both visually stunning and practical at the same time. A measured blend of wood, metal and aesthetics that reflects in each of our products. From sleek and symmetric sideboards to abstract and imposing clothes rails, we use negative space to create the most positively attractive furniture possible.

 Extended Utility and Convenience

Whether you want cabinets that conceal or shelves that reveal, we offer the most exquisite collection of custom made storage furniture, crafted with the finest quality materials and the skills of our expert craftsman, each of our products delivers a unique ambience and experience that compliments your tastes and preferences perfectly. Artistic designs combined with functionality and practical form, each of our products is made with precision and perfection in mind.

Custom Made Storage Furniture

From the type of wood, to the shape of the metal and the size of the unit, each dimension and specification can be made exactly to your liking. With a range of the highest quality materials to choose from, paired with unique and engaging designs and motifs, we make sure that your vision is translated into the perfect piece of furniture for your needs.

The CosyWood Experience

At CosyWood, we are honoured to maintain the highest standards of quality, precision and skill possible. That is why each of our products are crafted with the best materials by the hands of expert artisans that do wonders with a bit of wood and metal. Each piece of furniture we create is a stunning example of practical artistic utility and a refreshing take on furniture that combines history and modernity in the most elegant manner.