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Often, when clients are searching for extraordinary heritage quality furniture, they focus on the walnut dining table. Black walnut is widespread throughout the whole of Northern America as a unique type of hardwood. You can see it in different kinds of commodity prices, including musical instruments, woodwork, and surely, furniture.



When choosing reliable kitchen furniture, customers do not stop at the contemporary walnut dining table for nothing. This dining table has not only a beautiful color but also a simple design. Unlike oak, teak, and ceramic tables, such table:

  • reliable;
  • sturdy;
  • stable;
  • has a luxurious appearance.

During production, the walnut kitchen table is treated with oil and wax. Because of this, it shines and it is pleasant to look at. It is also more durable than any other dining table.

With individual orders, our manufacturers can make the best walnut dining set that will suit the most demanding customers. Our table will stand up to heavy use thanks to thick legs that are elegantly carved and prove durable in practice. You can order a bespoke walnut dining table of different sizes, densities, and coating that will delight any taste. We will offer the usual format as well as a sliding dining table.

For detailed consultation please contact our manager.



Today walnut furniture in UK is very much appreciated. Whole tables fit well in the interior of homes and can improve the overall atmosphere on their premises. It would seem that the walnut table is simple enough. But the beautiful polish of such a dining table and its versatility will help to emphasize minimalism in the home. Even the presence of a walnut small dining table will help you feel confident because a house with a high-quality table looks stylish and expensive.

Walnut dining furniture is a dense wood. A dining table made of it will be durable and reliable. It will easily withstand a heavy load. If you have a solid walnut dining table in your home, it is very difficult to damage it. This does not mean that this table needs to be scratched or danced on. Any furniture loses its quality over the years. But small accidental scratches on such a table will not be noticeable.

To consult with our specialist, contact us in any way convenient for you. Our managers will provide up-to-date information about prices and the availability and sizes of these tables.



Using exclusive wood guarantees your table will serve you for a long time. Walnut is straight-grained with midsized lenticels throughout and more sufficient pores on one side of its growth rings. Typically rich in tone, this kind of hardwood is visually astounding and does not need colouring. But, it also holds dye superbly if you would like to have a dark colour walnut dining table.

Our furnishings are distinct from antique developed tables. It is all because of the new blocks are used. We proceed with a reputation to uphold ourselves as conservationists, as we work only with naturally fallen trees. We've been looking for beautiful logs in long lengths and wide widths all over the forests. If we make it, we can ensure that it is made from an old-age walnut.

Moreover, we put the pieces of hardwood into a kiln to dry. This ensures that the completed product will not break or twist due to high water levels. Additionally, you can get a walnut extending dining table or live edge dining room table for sale that are made of new wooden planks. This one is also an elegant item.



Cosywood has a wide diversity of different options. They include end models, round walnut dining tables, and full-sized furnishings. Every customer can also choose individual wooden planks for a walnut dining table. An unbroken black table is also a recommended seller.

Our tables are more up-to-date with a gentle look in many instances. Nevertheless, we make stunning tables that have classic and straightforward looks.

We colour our UK walnut dining tables or top oak dining tables with a variety of tones, from traditional dyes to more specific ones like ebony. Conversion varnish is the final step in completing our furnishings. We don't use hazardous coatings. 

Our finishes are harmless for humans and do just as good at preserving your home item from destruction by water. Liquids will roll into drops, rather than infiltrating the table's covering. Our tables can be shiny or dull opaque, whatever you like. Make your life more abundant and brighter with a piece of individual furniture by Cosywood, for example top extendable dining table


Why Cosywood is the best option?

At Cosywood, we understand that every home is unique, which is why we offer a range of walnut dining tables in different sizes to fit your specific needs. 

Our small walnut dining table is perfect for apartments, compact dining rooms, or cozy breakfast nooks, providing a comfortable seating space for intimate gatherings. 

On the other hand, our walnut extendable dining table can be expanded to accommodate more guests during dinner parties, holidays, or family gatherings. With the natural beauty and durability of walnut wood, our dining tables will make a lasting impression in any space. 

Explore our collection to find the perfect size for your home.


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