Dining Tables by Legs Design

A dining room is probably the liveliest place at home because this is where the whole family gets together. And the dining table is the most used piece of furniture there; that is why it should be really well-made to fit in the interior and last as long as possible.

Choose a Unique Legs Design for Your New Dining Table

How many table legs design can you imagine? Just basic straight legs and X-legs? Then you will be surprised by how various non-conventional leg designs can be. CosyWood offers a wide variety of wooden dining table legs designs, including:

  • Spider legs
  • V legs
  • U legs
  • X legs
  • A legs
  • Gas pipe legs
  • Legs with frame

Thanks to their minimalistic design, tables look modern but authentic, and any of them can easily fit in your dining room. Models with V legs and Gas pipe legs look most unusual and stylish, but if you are a fan of classic styles, take a look at models with A, X and U leg designs.

Be Sure About the Quality of Materials

As mentioned above, the dining table is one of the most necessary pieces of furniture. Solid wood furniture looks aesthetic, beautiful, for example oak wood dining tables or live edge kitchen tables. Indeed, while choosing a new dining table, a family wants to get the best and most durable piece. The furniture manufacturer Cosywood assures that the legs of their tables are made of the best metal materials, such as:

  1. Bronze
  2. Brush stainless steel 
  3. Black raw steel
  4. Brass
  5. Copper

In addition to that, the company offers a powder coating for legs. It is a technique of covering the metal with a layer of plastic processed in a special way in order to stick it to the metallic surfacing. This technique allows protection of the table legs from corrosion and can also be an element of decoration because you can choose the colour of the powder, its density and its chemical composition.

The materials used for table tops are entirely natural, for instance, oak, ash, pine and walnut. On the website of Cosywood, you can easily choose the material for the tabletop and legs to your taste. Additionally, it is possible to choose the size of a table and the number of seats and even order an extra bench, for example extendable wooden dining table with bench. Or perhaps two of them! What is more, you can order a custom-made table with a unique design, especially for you. Don’t waste your time; check out the Cosywood website today!