Bespoke Dining Tables By Top Design


Dining Tables by Table Top

Naturalness and minimalism never go out of style, and this relates to not only the appearance but also interior design. The dining room is the most used room in a house, and a nice table with a wooden top is a great and useful piece of furniture to add to your home.

Pick a Perfect Wooden Kitchen Table!

Today, the furniture market is flooded with various items for every taste and budget. So, how can you buy something that is decent, exclusive and at the same time practical? TheCosywoodcompany produces top-quality dining tables with wooden tops with original designs. The dining table tops are made of the best wood, including:

It is well known that every tree has its own unique pattern, namely the growth rings. This is one of the reasons why tables by Cosywood are exclusive and unique. Moreover, the tables can vary in height, depth and width approximately at one inch. Imperfections are part of naturalness. All goods are handmade, that is why variations in wood and metalwork are a common thing.

Choose a Unique Design for Your New Dining Table

You will definitely be surprised by how diverse dining table tops can be. At CosyWood store dining table tops are made of wood, and they are different, not only in pattern but also in form.

The most popular designs are:

  1. Classic (one single smooth wooden board)
  2. Three slabs with inlays
  3. Herringbone Pattern (a widespread floor and road pavement design)
  4. Two slabs modes
  5. Classic Live Edge

Probably, the Classic Live edge design is the most unusual option available. It may seem rather scruffy and rugged at first sight, as it looks like a tabletop that is not finished at all. But in fact, it looks very authentic as if it has appeared straight from medieval times or even earlier. In actuality, this model is quite solid, as it has good durability and practicality, that is, undoubtedly, a great advantage.

Meanwhile, dining tables by Cosywoodnot only have wooden tops but also metal legs of various designs, such as V legs, U legs, Spider legs, and many others. The metal used for legs is of the best quality. The legs are usually made of bronze, brass, copper and stainless steel.

If your family is really big, you can choose a 12-seater table on the website or just enter the required size on the Cosywood website or even order a custom-made dining table, especially for you. Don’t wait for the right time; visit the CosyWood website to get a table of your dreams!