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A table is an integral part of our daily life. We work, eat, read books, and chat with friends, all at the dining room table. To choose the perfect table, you should contact Cosywood.


We offer wood dining tables for every taste and pocket size in the United Kingdom. Loft-style furniture always attracts attention. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular.  This is especially true of tables. Just look through the pages of fashion magazines to see for yourself.

Basically, restrained decor, or undisguised structural elements, are typical of the loft-style. The table’s distinctive feature is that it is made of wood in combination with metal elements. Of course, it is possible to use other materials such as glass, steel or plastic.

Furniture should not occupy much space; it should be simple, compact, but nevertheless spectacular, comfortable and spacious. The individual production of a modern dining table of your dreams is our concern, which we carry out with joy, speed and scrutiny. We will create the luxury dining table you need, which will fit into your interior. The original design and unique forms of tables, in the loft-style, are perfect for a cosy restaurant or cafe, as well as for a country house or apartment.

Wood and metal are the basis of our furniture production. The brutality and elegance of bare metal, the comfort and warmth of real wood, all unite in our products. This combination never leaves anyone indifferent. Our wooden dining tables are not just furniture; they are art turned into bespoke wood furniture. We have been chosen by fans of non-standard interiors, style and environmental friendliness.


In every home, the dining table is one of the main attributes of furniture. It is the place where the whole family gathers and discusses various issues over a delicious meal. For this reason, the table should be convenient, comfortable, and reliable. If you buy an unsightly dining table, in a short period you will get bored with it and you will avoid staying at it.

When making a wooden dining table sale in UK it is important to consider the following parameters:

  • its weight and height;
  • the width and length;
  • the position of the legs;
  • performance characteristics;
  • so that it fits in with the color scheme of the kitchen interior.

If you just choose a beautiful and uncomfortable table, it will bring you only short-term pleasure. In the future, you and your family will only get upset because of such a purchase. Our website has a wide range of bespoke dining tables to order, which will please absolutely everyone.


The first thing to pay attention to is the height of the chairs and the dining table in UK. If the difference between their height is small, you can hit the bottom of the table. If the distance is too great, it's not much fun either. You won't be able to lean on the table with your hands.

Companies manufacturers of dining table with bench in UK believe that the standard distance between the chairs and the table should be about 30 cm in height. If you choose in the store both the table and chairs, you can choose correctly. If you are only buying a table, measure the actual height of the chairs before you go to the store. Then you will be able to pick the appropriate furniture with the correct height.


No one but you know how many people you plan to place at your dining table. So only you can tell our manager how wide and long the table should be. It will not be very convenient if we sell you a table designed for 4 people, and you try to sit at it 8.

Analysts calculated that 60 cm in width is equivalent to one seat for a person of the standard build. So if you want to seat 4 people at a table, in 2x2 format, the table should be at least 120 cm in length.

Our company offers dining table set sale in different sizes. It's up to each user to choose which table is right for them and for which events they need it.


The placement of the dining table legs is also very important. If they are on the edges, the guests can easily be seated at it. If they are more in the center, you need to think about how the guests will be seated at the Cosywood dining table.

Our managers when dining room table sale in UK specifically ask how many people plan to sit at the table most often and help calculate that guests should be seated comfortably. In the UK to this issue is particularly sensitive, because dinner in a cheerful company can not be spoiled by the wrong choice of table.


At our company, you can always order an exclusive dining table, for example solid oak wood dining table or large live edge dining table. All of our dining tables and benches are handmade subject to your project. Thus, we add a part of ourselves to each and every table.

If you order our table, you will be able to approach to the organization of a dining area from a perspective that is outside of the box. This design, combining simplicity and creativity may be easily turned into a zone suitable for work by the creative team, a party, or gatherings with colleagues in the process of developing a new project. However, as with any other wooden furniture, dining tables have some special nuances. For guests at the table to feel comfortable, each person should be allocated about 23.6’’ of free space, and chairs should be easily placed near it, without disturbing anyone.

A combination of contrasting and opposite materials is typical for this style. Wood and metal, glass and steel, there is a great variety of options. The main thing that guides the creators of such models is the combination of minimalism and functionality. At our company, you can buy a large dining table, which is available in various ranges, as well as order an exclusive product of your specific size and design.

Any piece of furniture made of solid wood will last for decades and will not change its original appearance. This material is loved by the entire furniture industry. All solid oak furniture looks like an exclusive. Treat yourself or your loved ones with first-class Cosywood furniture.


The features offered by our manufacture are as follows:

  • Our dining tables for sale are made of slabs, which are pre-manufactured during the production.
  • Tables may be ordered according to your project and design style.
  • We work with different types of wood to satisfy every taste and budget.

Please contact our specialist for any assistance, or if you have any additional questions. On average, the production of the table takes 5-6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the order and the total manufacture workload. We focus on an individual approach to each client, and all of your desires will be heard by our experts and brought to life.


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