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Live Edge Dining Tables

The holidays are coming, and this means it’s time to search for presents for your loved ones. If you are looking for a Christmas present for your family, you should look further into high-class furniture, for example, a dining table. Live edge dining tables are gaining popularity now, so do not overlook them. A trademark Cosywood is one of the best household goods manufacturers that produce live edge dining tables in the UK.

What Is a Live Edge Table?

Live edge style means that a piece of furniture is designed according to the way the wood looks in nature, and the primary edge of a slab is kept in its primal state. The craftworkers face some challenges when manufacturing this kind of furniture, and at first, it may seem unsafe because of rough edges.  But there are some techniques to make it completely risk-free. Some manufacturers leave fractures and holes untouched, while others fill them with pitch.

Where Do Live Edge Dining Room Tables Originate From?

Although they look like they are from the Dark ages, live-edge actually emerged in modern houses in the middle of the past century. The most famous practitioner of the live edge was an American architect of Japanese ancestry George Nakashima, whose works contained American, Japanese, and international interior features. He used to say that natural edge is a sort of moral idea, probably since imperfect means original.

How Is Live Edge Furniture Made?

When the slabs are cut out for the non-live edge products, usually, over 20% of the wood is wasted. While manufacturing live-edge furniture, on the contrary, wood waste is no greater than 8%. That is why live-edge furniture is regarded as more ecologically friendly since less wood is lost in the production. And this is definitely a great advantage.

Why Are These Kinds of Handicrafts Popular Now?

You have possibly noticed the growing popularity of live edge products. For example, some celebrities also prefer this style. For example, a natural edge end table was used on the Ellen show.

As already mentioned above, one of the reasons for its popularity is eco-friendliness. And popularity among famous people also plays a role. When people see something that has been endorsed by a star, they often begin to adore and covet the item themselves.

Another reason is its unusual look. Natural edge products are more and more commonly used in offices today because they make it possible to touch a piece of nature and relax a bit. Additionally, thanks to its authentic look, live edge furniture can fit into any environment, whether it be a forest cabin or a modern office in a skyscraper building.

Enhance Your Space With Gorgeous Live Edge Wood Dining Tables

When you order a piece of live edge furniture, you can expect to get a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind statement piece. Also called a wood slab table or natural edge dining table, live edge tables are made from solid slabs of stunning wood. Unlike more processed wood furniture, live edge furniture retains all the natural beauty and uniqueness of wood.

These tables stand out because the wood isn't cut down into rigid, sterile straight lines. Instead, the natural curve and flow of the trunk will be apparent in the final product. Craftsmen carefully cut a cross-section through a massive log to reveal a single slab of wood. This wood is then sanded to buttery-soft smoothness and coated in a finish that preserves the wood while showcasing the organic wood grain patterns.

When you add a live edge wood dining table to your home, you can expect it to be a major decor highlight. The impressive scale and complex pattern of live wood immediately draw the eye toward the table. At the same time, the broad, flat surface is ideal for gathering with friends and family. Live edge tables are a little larger than traditional tables, so they're great for hosting dinner parties and special events. Ultimately, a top live edge dining table set with bench is a good choice when you want your table to be the centerpiece of the room.

Keep in mind that the same table style can look vastly different depending on the wood you select. For example, a live edge oak dining table UK has a soft, washed-out look perfect for boho dining rooms while a walnut table has a strong, dark finish ideal for a modern, industrial space. All the different options ensure that your live edge furniture will seamlessly coordinate with your home's decor.

How to Care for Your Live Edge Dining Table

A properly made live edge table doesn't require elaborate maintenance. Real hardwood is an incredibly durable material, so you can expect your table to last for decades. Just keep in mind that a few simple tasks will ensure your table looks gorgeous for years to come.

Always use coasters and hot pads to prevent any discoloration of the wood. For further protection, use placemats to protect your live edge table from scratches. After each use, clean it with a damp, microfiber rag.

You can further protect your table by occasionally rubbing on a manufacturer-recommended wood oil or wax. This substance soaks into the wood to leave it looking soft and glossy. Finally, be sure you store your table in a safe environment. Live edge wood does best in indoor settings with stable humidity and temperature.

Do You Need to Worry About a Live Edge Table Warping?

As wood absorbs ambient humidity and supports various weights, it is normal for it to shift. This is especially true if the wood has knots or uneven grains that absorb moisture at different rates.

However, high-quality wood slab dining table UK providers carefully select high-quality wood and cure it properly before use, so there won't be any drastic changes. The only possible differences will be some subtle warping, twisting, or cracking.

These variations in the wood's surface help to further highlight the organic appeal of live edge furniture. Many homeowners prefer to let their wood change a little over time. However, if you would rather avoid these shifts, maintaining a stable temperature, moderating humidity levels, and avoiding spills will help to keep your live edge table as stable as possible.

Where is It Better to Get One?

Indeed, many offline and online shops offer live edge goods. But it is better to choose the best one to be sure about the quality. The company Cosywood manufactures various live edge dining room tables for sale, all of which are made of the best wood, such as:

If you want a unique design for your new table, you can ask for a custom-made item, and you will get a narrow or long live edge kitchen table in the event that you have a very large family.


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