Two Slabs

Two oak slabs UK furniture

People pick up tables with oak slabs because they prefer the natural look and the exciting features of the hardwood. Slabs are beautiful to look at and have a neat little touch. In the highly-engineered world with burnished details, it’s a relief to see an object without any productive transformations. That's why attractive tables are refreshing to witness in living spaces.

What Makes Oak Slabs So Accessible as Furnishings

An essential feature of our slabs is that all are unique. Indeed, trees are identities. Every single one of them grows separately from its neighbours and all others of its kind. And, even inside the set of slabs cut from a single timber, there will be a wide variety in size and shape.

Two oak slabs UK furniture is the ideal combination of nature and design. It's a basis of making less to build more and bringing the natural world into city conditions. Wooden tables allow us to acknowledge that what we've been looking for is now right before our eyes.

Cosywood doesn't use air-dried blocks instead of kiln-dried stock. Except it's kiln-dried, a slab will experience substantial shrinkage, frequently followed by curling through the heating period. This can cause lots of difficulties when the furnishing is put into service. Additionally, an air-dried slab may have insects inside, which can lead to all kinds of problems. Kiln-drying destroys all insects.

What Oak Slabs UK We Select for Custom-Made Tables

A charming dining table in a wood slab design is a stunning natural wood furniture idea. Each furniture item is one of a kind, handcrafted from solid wood. In other words, we handpick slabs which have unique wood grain patterns:

  1. Knots
  2. Burl
  3. Curl

We do this because we want to create charming, natural wood, two slabs tables. With oak slabs being milled around the globe, we choose only to use first-class hardwood. 

Following the conscious consumption philosophy, we purchase only wood slabs that are collected from standing dead trees from the woodland floor. That's why we handpick the following wood species:

  • Black Oak
  • Bur Oak
  • Cherrybark Oak
  • Chestnut Oak
  • Live Oak

Along our main wood species, Cosywood specialists have taken a closer look at related wood species. For example, White Oak and Willow Oak have also found their way into our workshop. All UK oak slabs that are used for dining tables are finished with a permanent coating.

What Kind of Oak Slabs Do We Use for Our Furnishings

Our beautiful slabs originate from mature trees. We collect them at English Woodlands and Europeans woods. Sustainability is essential to us and how we propose to do our business. We usually utilise and restore lumber from tree removal and tree surgeon jobs.

Moreover, we look for trees that have fallen due to severe weather conditions and get a second chance to live in our tables. We also handpicked processed products from firewood piles and salvaged wood logs that would’ve been left to rot. Our oak slabs can be produced by applying Black Oak or other related hardwood species.

The entire diversity of our lumber options appears in varying dimensions. Order our outstanding oak slabs or let us construct one exclusively for you!