Finding the ideal chairs to complement an industrial-style dining table can be challenging. But with the right selections, your seating can enhance the bold, contemporary aesthetic of the table while also providing comfort. 

This article will provide tips on materials, styles, colors, and placements to consider when pairing chairs with an industrial dining table. We'll cover how to balance the hard edges with warmth, create cohesion, and make a statement with your dining space. Read on for insights that will help you choose chairs to complete the look of your unique factory-style table.

Understanding the Industrial Style Table

Before diving into chair selection, it's important to understand the essence of an industrial style table. Typically, these tables feature a combination of wood and metal, with a focus on exposed materials and a raw, unfinished look. The legs often have a distinct industrial feel, with metal being a popular choice. The overall look is one of rugged sophistication, blending old-world charm with contemporary design.

Consider the Scale

Match the scale of the chairs to the size of the industrial table. Overly delicate chairs will look dwarfed and out of place, while oversized, bulky chairs can overwhelm the table. Look for chairs with some heft and presence in proportion to the table base and surface. Test different-sized chair options in the space before purchasing.

Accent with Metal 

The cold, hard edges of metal chairs beautifully complement the materials and angles of industrial-style tables. From stainless steel to powder-coated aluminum, metal chairs introduce shimmer, sheen, and luster. Go for metal chairs with clean lines and structural shapes that feel modern and architectural. Metal finishes like matte black, brass, or chrome add eye-catching metallic contrast.

Wood Adds Warmth

The natural beauty of wood chairs offsets the man-made, urban feel of industrial furnishings. Choose wood chairs with visible grains and natural round edges to soften spaces. Oak, walnut, teak, and ash all make attractive pairings with industrial metal and concrete. For a unified look, select wood chairs that pick up accent colors or stains used on the table base.

Incorporate Upholstery 

Upholstered chairs provide plush comfort that balances the hard surfaces of factory style. Tufted leather dining chairs offer an upscale, luxurious complement. Boldly patterned or brightly colored fabric upholstery chairs make the table a focal point. Try open-frame upholstered chairs to maintain the urban loft vibe. Use chair padding and pillows to add softness without overpowering the aesthetic.

Go for Modern Simplicity

To allow the table to stand out, choose chairs with an unfussy, minimalist appearance. Streamlined molded plastic or fiberglass shell chairs have a sleek, contemporary look well-suited to industrial decor. Solid-colored polypropylene chairs with four simple legs keep the focus on the table. Avoid heavily carved, ornate chairs that compete with the table's striking form.

Use Contrasting Colors  

A crisp color contrast between the chairs and table draws attention to the industrial design. For a bold statement, pair matte black metal chairs with a raw steel tabletop. White molded plastic chairs pop against a dark stained wood plank surface. Mismatched colors on the chairs tie everything together while adding diversity.

Incorporate Industrial Chair Materials

For cohesive styling, incorporate signature industrial elements like metal, wood, or concrete into the chair selection. The repeating of similar textures creates harmony. Perforated metal chair backs, contoured plywood seats, and exposed metal legs all work seamlessly with common table materials. Matching the leg shapes is another subtle way to connect the chairs and table.

Add Bold Graphics

Vintage graphic prints on chair upholstery or stenciled numbers and symbols applied to chair backs complement industrial interiors. Geometric patterns and schematic graphics enhance the mechanical, and warehouse aesthetic. Repurposed signage and manufacturing logos used on the chairs drive home the factory vibe.

Chair Style Ideas

Some chair styles naturally complement industrial tables, like mid-century modern chairs. The Eames molded plastic chair, with its sleek silhouette and metal leg details, pairs nicely with factory-style furnishings. Tolix chairs with a steel frame and molded seat have an iconic farmhouse look. 

Wishbone chairs, featuring a Y-shaped backrest and wooden seat, add warmth while keeping clean lines. Spindle back chairs offer openness while still providing back support. Names like Bertoia and Cherner signify timeless mid-century styles fitting for dining spaces. Look to these classics when selecting chairs that integrate seamlessly with the modern urban aesthetic.

To create a sleek, modern dining area, choose an expansive industrial table and chairs made from recycled wood and blackened steel. 


With some daring yet deliberate chair choices to pair with your table, you can create a conversation-starting eating area full of depth and dimension. Select chairs that hold their own aesthetically but also deliver comfort and functionality. The right seating completes and brings even more character to your unique industrial-style space.