The coffee table is a focal point in any living room. And when that coffee table has a striking round design, it presents unique styling opportunities to create an eye-catching centerpiece. This guide offers a comprehensive approach to how to style a round coffee table effectively. It begins by helping you select the right size and material for your room. Then, it moves on to expertly coordinating colors and layers. Each step is designed to enhance your living space and align with your decor aesthetic.

Choosing the Right Round Coffee Table


A round living room table immediately creates a warm, welcoming feel in a living room by softening sharp corners and edges. The curved silhouette invites conversation and community around its circumference. Choose a piece with a diameter sized appropriately to your sofas and room dimensions. Leave enough leg room clearance while pacing the surface area for displaying decorative items.


When selecting a coffee table, considering the height is just as important as the shape and size. An optimally sized elevates functionality and comfort within a room.

Ideally, a cocktail table should have a height that is low enough to tuck beneath couches and chairs, yet high enough to make sitting around it comfortable without excessive bending or reaching. Standard heights tend to range between 16-18 inches.

On the flip side, coffee tables exceeding 18 inches offer generous surface space for styling vignettes without impeding leg room. 

Measure the height of your existing furniture first when possible, then select this furniture altitude that aligns within a few inches for the best ergonomics. Keeping functionality and comfort a priority ensures your stylish table gets enjoyed to its fullest potential.


When selecting materials, consider a round oak coffee table or those with glass tops to continue visually open, airy spaces. The transparency maintains a lightweight, floating effect underlined by sleek metal bases in polished chrome or matte black. Include handy lower shelves for stacking magazines and books.

Styling Your Round Coffee Table

Tailor the accessorizing to your tastes and decor style. Discover the secrets of styling a round coffee table to perfection, blending practicality with aesthetic appeal to create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere in your living space.

Industrial Style

For industrial-inspired spaces, display lone decoration items against an uncluttered tabletop backdrop. Metal geo sculptures, stone vases, or a large book make simple yet strong standalone statements.

Add black and white for high-contrast punctuation. Lacquered trays in inky black popped against white-washed oak tables present color blocking at its finest.

Boho Chic Style

Boho chic lovers can build abundant texture mixing varying tabletop heights. Try topping the main surface with circular rattan tray holders. Mound these with pottery painted in bright hues and woven baskets holding faux greenery. Continue boho style into seating with cotton throws layered over leather bench ottomans.

Scandinavian Style

For those favoring a minimalist Scandi look, bleached oak coffee stands keep things light and bright. Adorn them with just a few ceramic pieces sharing calm colors and subtle patterns. Accent occasional desks, floor vases and muted wall art in analogous neutral shades. Simple is key for pared-back northern European style.

Small Space Tricks

When your space feels dark or smaller than desired, paint or finish the round table white. Visually extend the surface outward by topping it with trays or table runners in pale tones.

Table Placement

When positioning your console, aim for balanced proximity to surrounding furniture. Center it evenly between sofas and chairs, allowing 12-18 inches of breathing room on all sides. Keep a minimum of 36 inches for main walkways to prevent collision hazards.

Angle table orientation slightly rather than strictly perpendicular to open sight lines. Askew alignments feel more welcoming and create an easier conversation flow. They enable people to see each other clearly across the table without strain.

Diagonal arrangements also save visual space in smaller areas. The edges don’t boxively “close off” corners, conveying an airier aesthetic. Just be sure to mind toes and knees with angled furniture legs.

Strategic placement considers ergonomics and conversation comfort on top of the design. Test different positions once rooms are fully furnished to find positioning perfection.

Decorating Around a Round Coffee Table

Pay special attention while plotting furniture placement surrounding a table.

  • Angle chairs inward rather than strict perpendicular formations to keep sightlines open
  • Float pieces like ottomans and floor poufs around the edges to soften sharp corners
  • Employ round-side counter partners carrying through circular motifs into neighboring furniture

A creatively styled round coffee table becomes the living room’s crowning focal point. Make smart material and furniture choices tailored to your decor theme, then adorn through artful vignettes that welcome and delight. Showcase cherished belongings while encouraging connections around your home’s heart.