Black Cab Coffee Bake

Our existing client came up with the task: "I am planning to sell a coffee of a rikshaw, but I want to do it in style, I want to make sure that it will represent one of the London's iconic symbols". This is how Black Cab Coffee Rikshaw was born.

Another idea behind this exciting project was that of giving a new life to an exquisite vintage 3-wheel bicycle. The whole task of projecting and creating each item so that it would make a perfect fit with each other and with the bicycle was truly complicated. 

So, the Black Cab Coffee Rickshaw, this amazing coffee house of wheels, became a true celebration of our meticulous approach, and of industrial style funcionality. Now its customers can enjoy delicious freshly made coffee in relaxing atmosphere, provided by elegant clean line design and warm touch of natural wood. You can see the result below.

We really enjoyed working on this project, as we do every time a very customized, personalized solution is required. 
So, if you have similar ideas or projects in mind - contact us; we will be happy to help you to realize them