Bespoke residential interior and furniture design solution for a flat

We were asked to elaborate a very particular interior design project and solution in industrial style, as well as to provide the design, manufacturing and supply of furniture for a group of residential premises with high ceiling. The premises were a loft apartment, converted from an old school building.

The furniture to design was supposed to be handcrafted of reclaimed solid wood, with steel tubes or steel frame; the required wardrobe units needed very good support to hold substantial weight. We were supposed to design from scratch four furniture items: two wardrobe/ shelving units, a very particular TV unit, and an "island" kitchen table.

The whole project was very demanding, especially what regarded the furniture solutions, as the main criteria were: to make the most of the available space, and to provide furniture items in industrial style, very close to minimalism. For instance, for the two wardrobe/ shelving units required the upper shelf and a small cabinet were supposed to go above a door frame, to make use of the plenty of space available there. 

The robust wardrobe units have two clothes rails, and several shelves and drawers each. The TV unit was supposed to have two shelves, steel frame, and to recreate completely the authentic distressed look of the Industrial age; as you can see, it resulted to be a real eyecather. The kitchen table is very practical and elegant at the same time, with the warmth and structure of natural wood in perfect harmony with the wooden kitchen floor.