Bespoke residential interior and furniture design solution for a flat

When it comes to projecting the flat where you plan to live for many happy years, the issue of designing the interior and the furniture becomes more real. One has to think and consider everything in order to make their “dream-look” a reality. And today, design trends are all coming to the idea of having as much wood around a person as possible.

Why Choose Wooden Furniture in London?

As mentioned before, wood is now a very trendy material for home design. And one may wonder – what makes it so special? Let’s take a closer look:

  1. Wood is extremely long-lasting. Furniture that is made of this material is going to serve you, your children, and your grandchildren for many years to come.  It is resilient and solid.
  2. Wood is very noble. Just a single look at the timber of this furniture gives you a strong aristocratic presence, similar to the royal interior.
  3. It’s not hard to look after your wooden furniture – simple dusting and prevention of water buildup are more than enough for your furnishings to live a long life.
  4. It is an environmentally friendly material. It does not pollute our planet; on the contrary, trees make it cleaner! And this sort of raw material is 100% renewable, as governments are planting hectares of tree seeds to replace ones that were cut down.
  5. A wooden interior makes a place cosier. That is one of the main reasons why this material became so popular. People are looking for something that will make their flats feel like a place where you always want to come back or just spend some downtime.

What Are The Types of Bespoke Timber Furniture in London?

CosyWood provides clients with a rather wide range of wooden products. For example, we are happy to offer you various categories of tables, from the extendable or live edge to custom legs design tables and coffee tables. We also manufacture clothes, rails, shelving units, TV units, sideboards, and chairs.

How to Get Our Bespoke Wooden Furniture in London?

Every case is unique and most likely demands a very special approach to the design and shape. So, what does the process of placing an order for bespoke furniture look like?

  • First of all, we listen carefully to your thoughts and wishes, ask you questions, and offer our expertise.
  • When we have an understanding of what you want (what style, design, shape, etc.), our crew members start designing the project for you.
  • As soon as they are done, we present it to you. If everything is fine and you are happy with the preview, we proceed with the job.
  • Our bespoke oak furniture makers create the piece, and when it’s done, we send the pictures to you. You approve of them, wait for the delivery service to bring you your order, and enjoy the quality of your new wooden furniture!


Wooden furniture is a stylish and classic way to make your flat cosy and calm. And who knows, maybe an item from Cosywoodwill become your family heirloom.